Her heart stops screaming and she knows she's dead



Dad lost hi job with Pulte after 13 years.. not sure what’s going to happen, might be moving to North Carolina or something, nothing is set in stone yet. A change of scenery would do me good i think.

Going back to school on Tuesdays, im in final phase now so my new schedule is Tuesday-Saturday. I’m excited to see all my girls and get back into my routine.

Weekend was great, went to see Saves the Day on wednesday with Byron and met a bunch of great people.

Lana and i went out for “Thirsty Thursday” and had an amazing night which i will never forget =)

Friday Joli and i went out to Spence and watched a band, then went back to Joli’s. Lost my voice completely and am just now getting it back, thank god.

Today I’ve just been bumming it under my snuggie with my beloved Nico drinking tea with honey while listening to Bright eyes, Kimya Dawson, and Metric.

Byron brought me over some video games =) so now I can relax and zone out, we all need some sort of escape from time to time.

I really have no complaints. Life has been pretty good, I feel as though I’m finally healing, and getting on with my life. I still miss things in my life, and people, but you know what? Only time will tell, that’s what I have to remember. I know I wasn’t the greatest person these past two years, but it was a very valuable lesson. Though i can’t turn back time, i can still work on myself and become a better person, the person I want to be. I have to realize i don’t need anyone’s approval as long as I’m happy and proud of myself, which i am, and it’s a great spot to be at.

Growing up is hard, but it’s inevitable, so you just gotta adjust.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, doesn’t matter what you sound like
Doesn’t matter if they like you, just remember to be kind
And tell someone you miss them, tell someone you need them
Tell someone you wish you could be with them all the time
Sounds silly but it’s not a game, making music makes me sane
I sing away my pain and everything turns out okay
And I’m not talking fame and glory, ‘cause that’s a different story
This story is about how truth and love can save the day